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Merik vacuum pumps used in

Wood industry ¬_ create the vacuum timber CNC machines and MDF
Sugar industry _ create vacuum in Concentration systems, filtration
Printing Industry _ suck and blow central system of printing and binding machine
Bricks, porcelain and ceramics_
Mining and metals _ Filtration, flotation, concentrate, vacuum casting
Plastics and Rubber _ Manufacturing glassware and plastic vacuum forming method. Evacuate the air inside tires
Food industry _ Avaprasyvn and condensed systems, Bleed juices and concentrates on the production of food packaging.
Paper and wood _ Drying and Dewatering of pulp, the wood objects in vacuum
Slaughterhouses _ Discharge and Elimination cooking and internal organs of slaughtered poultry feathers collect
Pasta and sausage _ Bleed vacuum forming and pressing machine
Chemical and drug _ Exhaust gas and steam mixture, Drying in a vacuum reactor, the air bubbles inside the material, making the dough soapy water.
Glass and Crystal _ Bleed vacuum and glass jars Vbtry