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History Merik vacuum pump:

In 1381 coincided with the growth of industry and self-sufficiency in the country and improve the quality and quantity of services related to these matters, the company Mryk to self-sufficiency and growth of the industry as well as vacuum industry, relying on many years of experience, knowledge, and experience, to CEO S.Bkarkhvahym double and sincere efforts to secure a valuable and unique services and quality we appreciate the trust and support.
Services Merik vacuum pump:
• Design and production of components and parts for the vacuum pump and the strength of world standards.
• provide warranty and after-sales service.
• services and support as soon as possible.
• Construction of vacuum pump and equipment adapted to the demands of the customer. central suction design and production, installation and supply of spare parts


CEO Mryk pump with an intense belief in the commitment and expertise of the engineers and employees and loyal customers are encouraged to join in an effort to pump Mryk services and products that provide unique and worthy of the name of Iran and Iranians.
Why Mryk vacuum?  
Technical updates continuously and constantly improving. Having a research and development unit that plays an important role in improving the quality and quantity of products. The Quality Control for the ultimate control and approval of technical health products. Suitable substrates to provide better services in a shorter time. Rapid response and continuous and direct result of the role of CEO of the esteemed customer satisfaction. Product warranty and a long-term after-sales service.

CEO speaks:

Believe that product sales provide the beginning of a real commitment to customers, which is mighty important in many companies is more or less neglected. I have no doubt my colleagues in the company's commitment to customer Mryk pump on the guiding principle of providing comprehensive services (Full Service) is based. Accordingly, to provide after-sales service, warranty products, innovation and creativity and the quality of products to meet the new needs of the market, an integral and permanent part of all planning Mryk pump. Mjddanh and honest effort will be to be able to personally respond to our customers. Strategic planning to improve the quality of service I have a serious commitment. I believe that I can spend hours trying fatigue and my dear colleagues, the people of our customers with a smile. I have emphasized more deeply about the mission of me and my colleagues at the pump Mryk customer satisfaction, and providing quality services and products to them.

Mryk name:

80 km Shahrekord Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province after passing through the beautiful mountains and in the plains filled with tulips and spring flowers and beautiful small town with a population of about fifteen thousand Saran approached, the name is as old as history, as the name Ardal beautiful, ancient name of Iran in the past has been interpreted to mean honesty on the north side of the city at the foot of the famous mountain yellow beautiful Dzpart Mountain Park, three industrial limited that Mryk pump manufacturing plant (production of vacuum pump Central Vsakshnhay) in such a beautiful setting with a beautiful nature shines Mryk village five kilometers from the plant, which is indescribable hard-working people have  Namlaymtyha by the time today. It is empty now because members are originally residents of the village, the village name was remembered for his factory Mryk have chosen. Nhad.shrkt Mryk proud to superior quality, quick service and reasonable prices has put at the head of an important step in order to meet the needs of our vacuum is removed and cut dependence on foreign countries.

We hope to be taken in this direction, step up our country Iran divine.